News, June 2010


E3 2010: HEAVY RAIN Move Edition unveiled

Heavy Rain™ Move Edition has been totally revamped to create a Heavy Rain experience with the ultimate freedom of control.

This new edition of the game is designed for players that are planning to purchase PlayStation® Move and looking for a mature and truly immersive mental and physical gaming experience.

We are also totally committed to supporting existing owners of Heavy Rain, and we will be releasing a free patch for the game that will unlock the PlayStation®Move functionality for their copy of Heavy Rain. They will obviously still need to purchase PlayStation®Move to take advantage of our patch. The launch of this patch is planned to coincide with the release of our Move Edition.

Heavy Rain drew significant interest from the mainstream market and with our even more inuitive control system in Heavy Rain™ Move Edition, we’re expecting those mainstream gamers who maybe aren’t as comfortable with a traditional controller to find that they can enjoy a deep gaming experience in an easily accessible way.

Heavy Rain wins Living Games Festival Award (Germany)

Heavy Rain is awarded 2010's prestigious Living Games Award (LIGA), a prize recognizing the cultural importance of video games as a medium.

Quantic Dream nominated 4 times : Develop Awards 2010

Quantic Dream was nominated today four times for the upcoming Develop Awards 2010 (ceremony on 14/07). Heavy Rain was nominated in the BEST NEW IP, BEST VISUAL ARTS & TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION categories, and Quantic Dream in the BEST INDEPENDENT STUDIO one.