Quantic Dream is a video games studio founded in 1997 by David Cage, based in Paris and Montreal and specializing in the creation of AAA productions. Our studio is at the cutting edge of innovation in the field of interactive narration, graphic design and real-time 3D technologies, as well as realistic animation based on actors’ performances.

We have been developing ground-breaking new proprietary technologies and original franchises since the studio was created, with the support of millions of players around the world. Through thought-provoking productions such as Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human, our studio has also benefited from collaborations with world-famous talents such as David Bowie, Elliot Page, Willem Dafoe, Hans Zimmer and Jesse Williams.

In 2019, Quantic Dream decided to become an independent publisher to support video game creation and independent creators offering quirky and original visions, and to provide them with the necessary expertise, production and funding, and also access to international markets and their audiences.



With our 200 staff, our studio has forged a strong identity characterized by a collective dynamic and entrepreneurial passion within an innovative technological environment. With premises in Paris and Montreal, our studio benefits from colleagues with very diverse backgrounds, cultures, languages and experiences. They flourish in an environment blending artistic creation and cutting-edge technologies, and are proud of the experiences they create.

Our studio is made up of a team of veterans and newcomers whose average length of service is more than 7 years, a mix of youth and experience; women occupy 50% of senior management positions (directors/leads).  

Our offices extend over more than 4,600 m2 and offer a unique working environment with state-of-the-art equipment, one of the largest motion capture studios in Europe, a Dolby Atmos sound studio, a photogrammetry rig, a sports hall and a vast leisure area for communal relaxation and games.

At the heart of Quantic Dream’s DNA is our dedication to creating extraordinary experiences, seeking to take gamers on emotionally charged journeys. From the beginning, our studio has challenged the boundaries of how humans are represented in video games, whether by including performances by professional actors, driving towards even greater photorealism, the depth and range of emotions generated by our stories, or by our uncompromising artistic direction. This endeavour has been possible thanks to our highly skilled teams, who share a passion for creating lasting memories for all gamers escaping into our worlds.

These teams, specialties and technologies that Quantic Dream is so proud of are now presented via exclusive content on our social media channels, with the aim of sharing our expertise and our ongoing desire to push the envelope!

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Quantic Dream is first and foremost a studio on a human scale, where every individual is a crucial link in the production chain.
We are voices in harmony creating a musical score, culminating in a fusion of diverse and intense experiences. But you don’t have to take our word for it:

Let’s hear from the people who give life to this slightly crazy dream of creating interactive adventures unlike any other!










Experience professional life, share the life of our teams, acquire new skills. Whether you are an engineering or business school graduate, or have completed a specialist university course, internships at QUANTIC DREAM represent a real opportunity for starting out on your career path. And if your talent is recognised and you wish to do so, you will have every opportunity to work in our teams on a longer-term contract.

Your career path is founded on your educational background and all the additional and enriching experience you have gained.
Your choice of internship is therefore very important: the studies or assignments you are allocated can be an opportunity to test and validate your skills.
Internships can also help you identify the professional environments (values, working methods etc.) which best suit you and allow you to flourish.

Our internship policy aims to ensure a good balance between your aims and our interests.

Every year, Quantic Dream offers students at the end of their course, opportunities for a paid internship; assignments with contents and results which meet real needs. Quantic Dream favours paid long-term internships or shorter internships of 4 to 6 months (rather than sabbatical-leave or gap-year internships) for more effective professional immersion and skills development.
This philosophy also applies to the sandwich-year format, whether in the form of a professionalisation or apprenticeship contract, but we are not necessarily able to offer these every year.

What support is given during these professionalisation periods?

We offer you close support, thanks to a tutor who will mentor you throughout your internship. In practical terms, your tutor will:
•    Help you integrate in the team and regularly discuss with you how your assignment is going;
•    Share their experience of the company;
•    Facilitate your acquisition of good professional skills (increasing accountability and autonomy) and broaden your view of the company.



You have applied for a job opening and your profile has caught our attention.
At this stage you will be contacted by the recruiter for the job you have applied for, either to flesh out your profile and/or to be invited for a telephone or video interview.


You will meet the Managers / Lead and Associate Lead of the department (team), and the specialist and operational managers who you would work with in this job. This will help you properly imagine yourself in the job and the team. You will talk through all aspects of your role and your working environment.
This interview is an opportunity to talk in more depth about your skills, experience and motivation, and to discuss the specifics of the job offered.


You will meet the recruiter for the job, the department manager to whom you would report, and probably the relevant producer.
This interview is an opportunity to talk in more depth about your skills, experience and motivation, and to discuss the specifics of the job offered.


At this stage, and depending on the job, you may be asked to take a technical test to help us fine-tune our assessment of your skills.
We request technical tests for artistic jobs (Set Artist, Character Artist, UI/UX Designer, FX Artist), cinematic/3D camera jobs, or jobs in Game & Level Design or Narrative Design, for example.


Reaching this stage means that we would like to work with you.
Your HR manager will make you an offer. If you accept it, your contract will be signed with the Human Resources Department.