OMIKRON The nomad soul



Omikron – The Nomad Soul was first published in 1999 on PC by EIDOS INTERACTIVE, followed by a Dreamcast version in 2000. The game was the first production of our studio, a project that many regard as landmark project in the history of video games.


Indeed, OTNS was the precursory of popular games such as GTA : it was the first game to offer a total freedom of movement and action in an open world where players could enter any building, talk to hundreds of NPCs, drive, shoot, fight etc…all in a high-quality real-time 3D graphics environment.


One of the most talked about aspect of the game was the collaboration of our studio with DAVID BOWIE who embodied several characters and became the first virtual actors to be featured in a video game.


Omikron won a number of international awards for best action/adventure game of the Year, and its underlying game engine was named by the TIMES magazine as the 8th most important technology of 1999.