Get into the move!


Quantic Dream Virtual Actor Studio has 12+ years of in-house motion capture experience, including 3 years of Full Performance Capture know-how. We run one of the most powerful motion capture and post-treatment facilities in Europe.


Since 2010, our infrastructure is adapted to simultaneous body and face capture with a scalable high-precision Vicon camera set. Our recently renovated stage is now also sound-friendly, which allows us to record true full performance capture (full facial + full body + voice).

We offer our services to 3rd party productions for the entire entertainment industry since the year 2000 and provide the same level of quality and expertise to outside productions as we bring to our in-house projects.

Our ambition is to offer each of our clients a custom-made solution, which evolves with the needs of the market and provides the best mocap/perfcap service possible.


We have recently completed Beyond: Two Souls (internal production), the world's largest performance capture and motion capture production ever realized: 60 days of multi-actors full performance capture, along with 120 "conventional" motion capture shoot days!





- One stop solution covering all your needs from casting to integration (talent sourcing, 3D skeletons preparation, shooting organisation, sets, props…).

- Highly skilled in-house teams (mocap supervisor & operators, 3D artists, animators...).

- The motion kit collection: ready-to-use high quality mocap libraries for RT 3D character animation. 


For more information, please contact Frédérique Barkoff: +33 (0)1 44 64 00 93