BEYOND: Two Souls™ sold through 1 million units shortly before Christmas 2013.
This word cloud represents common words found on the net in user comments posted on the game.

“It's about the experience you have by playing it, the memories you build from start to finish; this game is awesome!”


“This game freakin' rocks ! One of the best games I've ever played and I've been playing games hardcore for 27 years.”


“A stunning game, graphics, acting, surroundings, soundtrack and most importantly the story was out of this world.” 9/10


“Amazing graphics, beautiful music and atmosphere, astonishing acting, fascinating and stunning story. One of the best games of 2013 by far (...). I'd give it a 9.5/10”


“Forget everything else you done that has nothing to do with the story (...). The game deserves your undivided attention, and when you give it such you will be rewarded with one of the best experiences of a lifetime.” 10/10


“Best cinematic game ever. Perfect graphics, interesting story. The combat is really challenging. And the soundtrack is one of the best soundtracks in video games. This is the best Quantic Dream game until now.” 10/10


“The idea that each action of yours define the game is fascinating. When you play this game, don't set any expectations and be open to a new experience.” 9/10


“Beyond is an adventure that really touched me. Playing as Jodie and Aiden is real genious. Quantic Dream knows how to make interactive drama. The most ambitious game of the year!” 10/10


“This is the new way to tell a story in the future. Videogames aren't only FPS and action, videogames are the new way to create profound content. Beyond Two Souls is magnificent.” 9/10


“In a time where many would have you to believe that a video game can't tell a story better than a movie or book, Beyond : Two Souls is one of the many games to prove those people wrong. It's truly one of the most impressive experiences to come out this year.” 9/10


“What a brilliant game. Quantic Dream developed an innovative & unique experience that you will never see anywhere else. Definitely a GOTY contender.” 10/10


“Beyond: Two Souls is perfect. It affected me on an emotional level that I haven't really experienced in a game before, there are times when you have to make choices and it truly kills you to do so because each and every character is so relate-able...” 10/10


“My PS3 Game of the Year for 2013! Wow! The realism blew me away. To think this level of graphics and life-like character modelling is possible on a piece of outdated hardware (yes, the PS3), is unbelievable.” 10/10


“In B2S it's difficult, at first, to let yourself give up the ideas of "standard" controls and gameplay and let the game lead you into its world. Once I did though, I connected with the character of Jodie Holmes and her intriguing life more so than any other character in a long time. In the end B2S lets you experience the fascinating, mystical, chaotic, life that every gamer wishes they could be a part of.”


“This game is beautiful, highly immersive and accessible, best shared with a partner. The story and variety are fantastic and enchanting at every step. Something you will remember and endeavour to share with friends.”


“This game is phenomenal. It totally exceeded all my expectations.It is just a fantastic experience and I applaud both David Cage and Ellen Page for their hard work and dedication making this masterpiece.”


“Simply put, if you enjoyed Heavy Rain, you will love this. It is much more ambitious and grander than Heavy Rain.”