motion capture


Welcome to one of europe’s biggest and most technologically-advanced performance capture studios. Creating believable characters, acting like real actors, is a cornerstone of Quantic Dream’s storytelling, and operating an in-house studio since 2000 has been instrumental to capturing actors’ performances in a way that is emotionally thrilling and easy for audiences to connect to.
Fully equipped with 74 optical cameras, the studio is able to capture voice acting simultaneously with facial and body movements. Integrating the full performance in a single-take with high fidelity is essential to render the highly realistic 3D characters players expect in today’s HD games and movies.

Actors who perform in the Quantic Dream performance capture studio are surrounded on all sides by cameras, which allows for capturing even the most subtle nuances of human expression. Our infrastructure, experience and proprietary tools all make for significantly lower post-processing efforts and enable natural and fluid acting, in particular for facial capture carried out without encumbering headgear.

The characters


Past clients include Ubisoft, Unit image, Dontnod, Innerspace, Shaka Ponk, Osome Studio, Arkane Studios, etc... Quantic Dream is pleased to work with studios and artists all over the world, offering its motion capture services for a highly diverse range of projects.

Get in touch with us to see how Quantic Dream’s studio can bring your project vision to life, in 3D.