Welcome to one of Europe’s biggest and most technologically advanced motion capture studios, right in the heart of Paris.

Bringing realistic characters to life with real actors has been one of the founding principles of Quantic Dream’s storytelling. Created in 2000, our in-house film set enables our teams to achieve this by capturing each actor’s performance in the most minute detail. Transcribing the whole gamut of emotions in this way with absolute fidelity is what has made our games resonate with an ever-growing audience.  

DETROIT:BECOME HUMAN Performance Capture


Equiped with 74 optical cameras, the studio can simultaneously record voices and facial and body movements. The ability to integrate a performance in a single take whilst remaining extremely faithful to it is essential to the creation of the hyper-realistic 3D characters which players expect nowadays in high-definition games and films.  

Our infrastructure, experience and patented technology also offer shorter post-production times and a more natural and fluid performance, in particular for facial capture which is carried out without a cumbersome headset.  


Our clients include Ubisoft, UnitImage, Dontnod, Innerspace, Shaka Ponk, Osome Studio, Arkane Studios and more. Quantic Dream is delighted to work with studios and artists from around the world, offering motion capture services for a highly diverse range of projects.

Get in touch with us to see how Quantic Dream can bring your performance capture projects to life.