The studio


Quantic Dream is an award-winning French video game developer and publisher established in Paris in 1997 by industry veteran David Cage. The studio was founded to create AAA games with a focus on emotional, interactive storytelling and has been at the forefront of innovation in narrative, popularising the genre of choice-dependent stories while consistently driving technological innovation within the gaming space.

Using internally-developed proprietary technologies, Quantic Dream has created a number of thought-provoking original franchises over its 22-year history. The Nomad Soul (also known as Omikron), Fahrenheit (aka Indigo Prophecy in North America), Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human have all together earned the studio more than 250 awards to date worldwide, including multiple Games BAFTA, AIAS-DICE and TGS awards.

The studio’s medium-defining titles have often showcased world-class talent from across the entertainment spectrum, including David Bowie, Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe, Hans Zimmer and Jesse Williams.

Quantic Dream employs over 150 top-tier industry professionals from around the world in its 4200m2 Parisian studio space that also plays host to a state-of-the-art performance capture studio and a 7:1 surround sound recording facility.

2019 marked a landmark year for Quantic Dream, as the studio began self-publishing all its internally produced titles, and is also bringing original, innovative and high-quality third-party developed games to market across all genres and platforms.