A word from David

Just over 25 years ago, we were trying to find a name for the development studio we dreamed of creating with the small band of developers who had the courage (or recklessness) to join me on this adventure. Choosing a name for a company is always tricky, and it’s never easy to find the word or words to define an identity that doesn’t yet exist, to define who we’d like to be, who we’d like to become...

“Quantic” came from quantum physics (it’s called “quantum” in English, but “quantique” in French, so the word “Quantic” is a blend of the two). Quantum physics has always fascinated me, because it is the branch of science which gave rise, for example, to electronics, and also because it describes unexplained phenomena, akin to magic!
“Dream” for me evoked creation, imagination and daring.

The improbable juxtaposition of these two words exactly expressed our hopes for the studio we wanted to create: a blend of technologies on the borderline between magic and imagination... 25 years on, I don’t know if we’ve achieved this aim, but we’ve certainly done our best to fulfil our dream. We’ve always worked on projects of our choosing, with a strong creative bias and an entirely proprietary technology. This combination of technology and creativity is probably what still best defines our studio today.

Quantic Dream continues to expand its team, in Paris and Montreal, while remaining on a human scale, enabling talented and creative people to develop games they are proud of, games which create emotion and meaning, and which touch the hearts of millions of gamers worldwide. Quantic Dream has always promoted diversity and inclusivity (50% of our managers are women), and all our employees share in the success of our games, as they are all shareholders in Quantic Dream. The studio has existed for 25 years thanks to their talent and commitment, and it is they - and perhaps you too - who will shape the future of Quantic Dream.

If you dream of a new challenge in your career, if you want to work on different games and be part of a unique human adventure, if you want to join a team where you can express your talent, if you have questions and wonder if our studio can give you what you hope for, then please contact us. We may just have the project and the job of your dreams.



You have applied for a job opening and your profile has caught our attention.
At this stage you will be contacted by the recruiter for the job you have applied for, either to flesh out your profile and/or to be invited for a telephone or video interview.


You will meet the Managers / Lead and Associate Lead of the department (team), and the specialist and operational managers who you would work with in this job. This will help you properly imagine yourself in the job and the team. You will talk through all aspects of your role and your working environment.
This interview is an opportunity to talk in more depth about your skills, experience and motivation, and to discuss the specifics of the job offered.


You will meet the recruiter for the job, the department manager to whom you would report, and the relevant producer.
This interview is an opportunity to talk in more depth about your skills, experience and motivation, and to discuss the specifics of the job offered.


At this stage, and depending on the job, you may be asked to take a technical test to help us fine-tune our assessment of your skills.
We request technical tests for artistic jobs (Set Artist, Character Artist, UI/UX Designer, FX Artist), cinematic/3D camera jobs, or jobs in Game & Level Design or Narrative Design, for example.


Reaching this stage means that we would like to work with you.
Your recruitment manager will make you an offer. If you accept it, your contract will be signed with the Human Resources Department.



Experience professional life, share the life of our teams, acquire new skills. Whether you are an engineering or business school graduate, or have completed a specialist university course, internships at QUANTIC DREAM represent a real opportunity for starting out on your career path. And if your talent is recognised and you wish to do so, you will have every opportunity to work in our teams on a longer-term contract.

Your career path is founded on your educational background and all the additional and enriching experience you have gained.
Your choice of internship is therefore very important: the studies or assignments you are allocated can be an opportunity to test and validate your skills.
Internships can also help you identify the professional environments (values, working methods etc.) which best suit you and allow you to flourish.

Our internship policy aims to ensure a good balance between your aims and our interests.

Every year, Quantic Dream offers students at the end of their course, opportunities for a paid internship; assignments with contents and results which meet real needs. Quantic Dream favours paid long-term internships or shorter internships of 4 to 6 months (rather than sabbatical-leave or gap-year internships) for more effective professional immersion and skills development.
This philosophy also applies to the sandwich-year format, whether in the form of a professionalisation or apprenticeship contract, but we are not necessarily able to offer these every year.

What support is given during these professionalisation periods?

We offer you close support, thanks to a tutor who will mentor you throughout your internship. In practical terms, your tutor will:
•    Help you integrate in the team and regularly discuss with you how your assignment is going;
•    Share their experience of the company;
•    Facilitate your acquisition of good professional skills (increasing accountability and autonomy) and broaden your view of the company.