Spotlight by Quantic Dream is the third-party publishing label from award-winning studio Quantic Dream.
We have been first and foremost developers for over 25 years now, so we understand what it takes to create a game and what are the many development challenges a studio can face. Since 2019, we’ve also been working with independent studios around the world to help them bring their dream to life. 

Spotlight by Quantic Dream provides partner studios with all the expertise that makes Quantic Dream games special: production support and narrative / creative design consultancy, motion / performance capture, photogrammetry, Dolby Atmos sound facilities, expertise in animation, cinematography, lighting, QA, localization, and AAA publishing know-how in communication, marketing, legal, sales, and more… All the needs of a modern studio.

When you see the Spotlight by Quantic Dream logo on a game, you can expect a game to have been crafted by a passionate team with the help of a team of Quantic Dream experts. It is our way of shining a light on studios we believe in and support their passion for their project. It’s also a seal of quality, ensuring our players and community we have carefully selected the project and the team behind it.