At the heart of Quantic Dream’s DNA is our dedication to creating extraordinary experiences, seeking to take gamers on emotionally charged journeys. From the beginning, our studio has challenged the boundaries of how humans are represented in video games, whether by including performances by professional actors, driving towards even greater photorealism, the depth and range of emotions generated by our stories, or by our uncompromising artistic direction. This endeavour has been possible thanks to our highly skilled teams, who share a passion for creating lasting memories for all gamers escaping into our worlds.

These teams, specialties and technologies that Quantic Dream is so proud of are now presented via exclusive content on our social media channels, with the aim of sharing our expertise and our ongoing desire to push the envelope!


Hot Tech #04: Buildozer – A tool to rule them all
Starring : Jean-Charles Perrier – Chief Technical Officer & Julien Colas – Lead Game Building


Hot Tech #03: Feather – A Tool For Creating Interactive Drama
Starring : Marie Moinet – QA Tools Tester & Baptiste Ellequain – Narrative Designer


Hot Tech #02: Popcorn - How We Create Our Cinematics
Starring : Maxime Brochen – Lead Cinematic Artist & Julien Braconnier Lead Tools


Hot Tech #01: Maya - How We Create Our Video Games
Starring : Anthony Coltel - Lead Maya Tools Developer


Quantic Dream is first and foremost a studio on a human scale, where every individual is a crucial link in the production chain.
We are voices in harmony creating a musical score, culminating in a fusion of diverse and intense experiences. But you don’t have to take our word for it:
let’s hear from the people who give life to this slightly crazy dream of creating interactive adventures unlike any other!

Jean Charles Perrier


Maeva Ramkalia


Christophe Brusseaux


Virginie Goyon


Adam Williams


Florence Fournier


julien Braconnier




Aymeric Montouchet


Ingrid Sanassee