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Quantic Dream is a video game studio founded in 1997 by David Cage, based in Paris, France, and Montreal, Canada. The unique experiences offered by Heavy Rain™, Beyond: Two Souls™ and Detroit: Become Human™, have reached millions of players around the world and won more than 250 international awards. They have largely contributed to the recognition of interactive storytelling in video games. Since 2019, Quantic Dream has also been a Publisher supporting video game creation and independent creators offering singular and original visions to which the studio brings its expertise, its means of production, the necessary financing and access to international markets and their audiences. In 2022, Quantic Dream embarked on a new stage of growth by joining NetEase Games, the games division of NetEase, to accelerate its vision of creating landmark titles that redefine the interactive entertainment experience for players worldwide. 

The studio benefits from colleagues with very diverse backgrounds, cultures, languages and experiences who flourish in an environment blending artistic creation and cutting-edge technology. Quantic Dream is comprised of a team of veterans and newcomers, with an average seniority of over 7 years, combining experience and fresh perspectives; women hold 50% of senior management posts (directors/leads). 

Quantic Dream offers a unique working environment with state-of-the-art equipment, one of the largest motion capture studios in Europe, a Dolby Atmos sound studio and a photogrammetry rig.