Quantic Dream is committed to maintaining a safe and inclusive work environment for everyone in the team through numerous concrete measures:


Teamwork and co-working together

A charter on Attitudes and Respect was introduced in the studio in 2017. Endorsed by staff representatives, it is handed to every person when they arrive and is available at any time on our intranet. Frequently updated, it defines the studio’s current rules to guarantee a calm and respectful working environment for everyone. 

Promoting diversity

In parallel, the studio demonstrated its commitment by signing the Charter Promoting Diversity in 2020 and 2021, co-authored by the Syndicat des Éditeurs de Logiciels de Loisirs (SELL - Syndicate of Video Game Developers), the Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo (SNJV - National Video Games Syndicate), the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Animation (CNC -National Centre for Cinema and Animation) and the Direction Générale des Entreprises (DGE - Directorate General for Enterprise).


Since 2005 the employees of Quantic Dream S.A. have elected staff representatives to a Work Council (CSE) which represents them before the studio management. They are totally independent of management and their status is protected under French law. CSE elections are held every 4 years.

Monthly meetings between the CSE and studio management take place to exchange feedback and raise questions about anything from individual employee needs, to how to best respond to a global pandemic to ensure the safety of all employees.

Through the CSE, every Quantic Dream employee can have their voice heard outside the traditional official corporate communication channels. Here are some links to statements which reflect the views of some or all of the individuals working in the studio.

Staff Delegates Statement 
Social and Economic Committee Statement 
Employee Statement 

In addition, in 2019 Quantic Dream committed to protecting its teams by designating a specific contact person for harassment issues, with the agreement of the CSE, to act on behalf of any victim within the studio. Their role is regularly promoted internally  to maintain its visibility for the teams and new recruits.

Spokespersons and independent discussion groups

In 2020 and 2021, dedicated independent discussion and focus groups were introduced by our colleagues including colleagues from LGBTQIA+ communities. These groups are open to anyone wishing to participate, and are a platform for an exchange of views where staff can talk freely amongst themselves, so everyone’s voice can be heard to ensure equal treatment for individual sensitivities and situations in the company.


Quantic Dream regularly carries out anonymous surveys of all its staff through specialised, third-party companies, to allow employees to express themselves freely and anonymously about their working conditions, environment, atmosphere, and management, and to suggest avenues for improvement. The results are then shared with the whole studio.

In 2019 and 2020 the independent institute PeopleVox was commissioned by Quantic Dream to conduct internal surveys on the quality of life at work to which all colleagues in the studio could contribute. These revealed an overall 93% satisfaction rate with the employer, with 94% of employees saying they were proud to be working at Quantic Dream. 

In 2022 and 2023, new internal surveys were launched, this time by the independent institute Great Place to Work.


Quantic Dream pursues an individual training plan enabling each employee to develop their skills. We also train teams in issues relating to management, HR and measures to prevent and resolve harassment. In addition, our colleagues regularly take part in various industry training events in France and abroad.


A score of 91 out of 100

Gender equality is the aim of a global action plan launched by the French government. Comprising five indicators (pay gap; gap in individual promotion rates; percentage of employees promoted after return from maternity leave; number of women amongst the 10 most highly-paid individuals), the index allows every company to assess where it sits, and to take steps to improve the situation in terms of equality between men and women.

This index is calculated every year and must be published by all businesses employing at least 50 people.

According to the method of calculation provided by the French government, QUANTIC DREAM achieved a score of 91 out of 100 for calendar year 2023. Furthermore, QUANTIC DREAM achieved the score of 20/20 for the “gap in individual promotion increases” indicator and the score of 15/15 for the "gap in promotion rates" indicator.

This index confirms the previous results and motivates us to pursue our policy of equality between men and women.

Other indicators are also pursued within the studio and published on the company’s website, measuring the presence of women within each department. They help us identify certain disparities more precisely, so we can define targeted actions with a view to improving the position of women within the studio.